25V Low-side Driver replace: Infineon, Texas-TI, ST, MPS, Onsemi, Microchip, IXYS etc

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25 V low-side gate drivers with protection features are specialized integrated circuits designed to control and drive the gate of a low-side MOSFET or an IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) in various applications. These gate drivers provide several protection features to ensure reliable operation and prevent damage to the circuit.

25V Low-side Driver

Some common protection features found in these gate drivers include:

Overvoltage protection (OVP)

This feature safeguards against excessively high voltage spikes that could damage the gate driver or the MOSFET. It monitors the input voltage and clamps it to a safe level.

Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)

UVLO prevents the gate driver from operating when the input voltage falls below a specified threshold. This ensures that the driver only functions within the desired voltage range, avoiding erratic behavior.

Overcurrent protection (OCP)

OCP detects excessive current flowing through the MOSFET and shuts down the gate driver to prevent damage. It can be set to trigger at a predetermined threshold or based on the MOSFET’s safe operating limits.

Fault detection and reporting

Gate drivers with protection features often include fault detection mechanisms that monitor conditions like short circuits, overtemperature, and other abnormal operating conditions. They can provide fault indication signals or shut down the driver to prevent further damage.

SeriesTopdiode PNNO# of channelsOperating VoltageSourcing/Sink currentPin to Pin replacement
25V Low-side DriverTNSG4427225V2A/2AInfineonIR4427SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27531125V2A/4ATIUCC27531SOT23-6
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27511125V4A/4ATIUCC27511SOT23-6
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27324225V4A/4ATIUCC27324SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27524225V4A/4ATIUCC27524SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27324225V4A/4AIXYSIX4424SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27324225V4A/4AIXYSIXDI504SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG4427225V2A/2AIXYSIX4427SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27324225V4A/4AMicrochipTC4424SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG4427225V2A/2AMicrochipTC4427SOP8
25V Low-side DriverTNSG27524225V4A/4AOn-semiFAN3224SOP8

These protection features enhance the reliability and robustness of the gate driver circuit, improving overall system safety. They are commonly used in various applications such as motor control, power supplies, and industrial automation.

25V Low-side Driver-Topdiode TNSG4427 to replace Infineon IR4427

25V Low-side Driver-Topdiode TNSG27531 to replace TI UCC27531

25V Low-side Driver-TI-TNSG27511 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27511

25V Low-side Driver-TI-UCC27324 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27324

25V Low-side Driver-TI-UCC27524 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27524

25V Low-side Driver-IXYS-IX4424 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27324

25V Low-side Driver-IXYS-IXDI504 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27324

25V Low-side Driver-IXYS-UCC27324 cross to Topdiode-TNSG4427

25V Low-side Driver-Microchip-TC4424 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27324

25V Low-side Driver-Microchip-TC4427 cross to Topdiode-TNSG4427

25V Low-side Driver-On-semi-FAN3224 cross to Topdiode-TNSG27524

What is a low-side driver

A low-side driver, also known as a low-side gate driver, is an electronic device designed to control and drive the gate of a low-side power device, such as a MOSFET or an IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor). The low-side driver is responsible for applying the necessary voltage and current to the gate terminal of the power device to control its switching behavior.

The term “low-side” refers to the location of the driver in relation to the power device. In a typical application, the low-side driver is placed on the low side of the power device, meaning it connects between the power device’s source terminal and the ground or the reference potential.

The primary function of a low-side driver is to generate the required gate voltage and current signals that turn the power device on and off. By controlling the gate voltage, the low-side driver determines whether the power device conducts or blocks the flow of current. This is crucial for applications like motor control, power supplies, and inverters where precise switching and control of power devices are necessary.

Low-side drivers often have features such as fast switching speeds, high current sourcing and sinking capabilities, and protection mechanisms like overvoltage and overcurrent protection. They are commonly used in various systems to drive low-side power devices safely and efficiently.

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