Topdiode TNSG27524 to replace TI UCC27524

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The UCC27524 is a dual, high-current, low-side-gate driver. Both outputs are capable of capturing and reducing 5A peak current, and their voltage rating is 24V. Each channel has two independent enable pins, which default to ON if not connected. The fast propagation delay time and fast lift time make the MX27524 ideal for high frequency applications. In addition, for applications that require A two-gate driver with critical timing, the driver has a propagation delay that matches the interior between the A and B channels, such as a synchronous rectifier.

Technical parameter

Brand: TI/ Texas Instruments

Model: UCC27524ADR

Quantity: 19143

Category: Integrated Circuit (IC) PMIC – gate driver

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Driver configuration: Low end

Channel type: Independent

Number of drives: 2

Gate type: IGBT, N channel MOSFET

Voltage – Power supply: 4.5V ~ 18V

Logic voltage – VIL, VIH: 1V, 2.3V

Current – Peak output (input, pull out) : 5A, 5A

Input type: non-inverting

Rise/fall time (typical value) : 7ns, 6ns

Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 140°C (TJ)

Mounting type: Surface mount type

Package/housing: 8-SOIC (0.154″, 3.90mm wide)


Industry standard pin assignment

Two independent gate drive channels

5A Peak driving source current and filling current

Independent enablement for each output

TTL and CMOS compatible logic thresholds independent of supply voltage

Hysteresis logic threshold for high immunity

Input and enable pin voltage levels are not limited by the VDD pin bias supply voltage

4.5V to 18V single power supply range

During the VDD undervoltage block (UVLO), the output is kept low (to ensure burr-free pulse operation during power-on and power-off).

Fast propagation delay (typical value 13ns)

Rapid rise and fall times (typical values 7ns and 6ns)

The typical value of delay matching time between two channels is 1ns

For higher drive currents, the two outputs can be paralleled

The output remains low while the input is suspended

Epoxy Dual in-line (PDIP)-8. Small Form-Factor Integrated Circuit (SOIC)-8. Surface Mount Small Form-Factor (MSOP)-8 package PowerPAD and 3mm x 3mm Ultra-Thin Small Form-Factor (WSON)-8 package options

Operating temperature range from -40°C to +140°C


The UCC2752x family of devices is a dual-channel, high-speed, low-side gate driver that effectively drives MOSFETs and insulated gate type power tube (IGBT) power switches. Using a design that greatly reduces breakdown current from the inside, the UCC2752x is capable of delivering peak current pulses up to 5A pull and 5A fill currents to capacitive loads, with rail-to-rail drive capability and a minimal propagation delay typical of 13ns. In addition, the driver features an internal propagation delay that matches the two channels, which makes it ideal for applications such as synchronous rectifiers that have strict timing requirements for dual-gate drives. This also allows two channels to be connected to effectively increase current drive capacity or to drive two switches in parallel using a single input signal. The input pin threshold is based on TTL and CMOS-compatible low-voltage logic that is fixed and independent of the VDD supply voltage. The wide lag between high and low thresholds provides excellent immunity.

The UCC2752x series offers a combination of three standard logic options – dual inverting, dual non-inverting, one way inverting and one way non-inverting drivers. The UCC27526 features a two-input design that provides flexibility IN both inverted (in-pin) and non-inverted (IN+ pin) configurations for each channel. Either of the IN+ or IN- pins controls the driver output state. Unused input pins can be used to enable and disable features. For safety reasons, internal pull-up and pull-down resistors on the input pins of all devices in the UCC2752x series ensure that the output remains low when the input pins are suspended. For better control over the operation of the driver application, the UCC27323. UCC27324. and UCC27325 each feature an enable pin (ENA and ENB). For high-level valid logic, these pins are internally pulled up to VDD and can remain disconnected for standard operation.

The UCC2752x series devices are available in SOIC-8(D), SOP-8(DGN) with exposed pads and 3mm x 3mm WSON-8(DSD) packages with exposed pads. The UCC27524 is also available in a PDIP-8(P) package. For the UCC27526. only a 3mm x 3mm WSON(DSD) package is available.

TNSG27524 replace UCC27524

In the past two years, due to out-of-stock and price increases and other factors, many manufacturers through domestic replacement to solve the problem of project shortage, domestic motor driver chip in voltage withstand voltage, current drive ability and anti-static, anti-surge reliability has a good performance, Topdiode TNSG27524 double low side, high current drive can be compatible to replace TI UCC27524 chip.

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