25 V low-side gate drivers with protection features

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EiceDRIVER™ 25 V single-channel low-side non-inverting gate driver IC for IGBTs or MOSFETs

The 1ED44176N01F, 1ED44175N01B, and 1ED44173N01B are equipped with over-current protection (OCP) which is typically implemented by a current measurement with a comparator and multiple resistors and capacitors. The gate drivers provide cost and space savings by integrating the comparator. This family of low-side gate drivers utilize Infineon’s proprietary latch immune CMOS technologies to enable a rugged monolithic construction while realizing best-in-class fault reporting accuracy with OCP threshold tolerance of +/-5%. In addition, Infineon’s IC technology enables a tiny PG-SOT23 package (or DSO-8 for 1ED44176) by combining the fault output and enable functions into a single pin.

The family also includes 1ED44171N01B, a cost-effective, simple driver with enable and fault reporting functions. It can also be used as a second source option to the popular IRS44273L with a single PCB layout. Enabling a single-supplier, dual sourcing strategy for fast-reacting supply flexibility.

25 V low-side gate drivers

Low Side Drivers

With our state-of-the-art process, EiceDRIVER™ low side gate driver ICs utilize low-voltage circuitry with the robust technology of high-voltage gate drivers. Our world-class fabrication techniques enable high-current gate drivers for high-power-density applications in industry-standard DSO-8 and small form-factor SOT23 and WSON packages.

We offer comprehensive families of single-low-side and dual-low-side gate driver ICs with flexible options for output current, logic configurations, packages, and protection features such as under-voltage lockout (UVLO), integrated overcurrent protection (OCP), and truly differential inputs (TDI). We also offer automotive qualified low side gate driver. 

For detailed information, please click here to have a look at our low side drivers portfolio.

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