This article describes the role of capacitors

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8. Timing: Capacitors used in timing circuits are called timing capacitors. Timing capacitor circuits are used in circuits that require time control through capacitor charging and discharging, and capacitors play a role in controlling the size of the time constant.

The Role of Capacitors

  9. Integral: The capacitor used in the integrating circuit is called the integrating capacitor. In the synchronizing separation circuit of potential field scanning, using this integrating capacitor circuit, the field synchronizing signal can be extracted from the field composite synchronizing signal.

  10. Differential: Capacitors used in differential circuits are called differential capacitors. In order to obtain the peak trigger signal in the trigger circuit, this differential capacitor circuit is used to obtain the peak pulse trigger signal from various (mainly rectangular pulse) signals.

  11. Compensation: The capacitor used in the compensation circuit is called compensation capacitor. In the bass compensation circuit of the deck, this low-frequency compensation capacitor circuit is used to enhance the low-frequency signal in the playback signal. In addition, there is also high-frequency compensation. capacitor circuit.

  12. Bootstrap: The capacitor used in the bootstrap circuit is called a bootstrap capacitor. The commonly used OTL power amplifier output stage circuit adopts this bootstrap capacitor circuit to slightly increase the positive half cycle amplitude of the signal through positive feedback.

  13. Frequency division: The capacitor in the frequency division circuit is called the frequency division capacitor. In the speaker frequency division circuit of the speaker, the frequency division capacitor circuit is used, so that the high frequency speaker works in the high frequency band, and the intermediate frequency speaker works in the middle frequency band. Subwoofers work in low frequencies.

  14. Load capacitance: refers to the effective external capacitance that determines the load resonance frequency together with the quartz crystal resonator. Commonly used standard values for load capacitance are 16pF, 20pF, 30pF, 50pF and 100pF. The load capacitance can be adjusted appropriately according to the specific situation, and the operating frequency of the resonator can generally be adjusted to the nominal value through adjustment.

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The Role of Capacitors

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