Topdiode TNSG4427 to replace Infineon IR4427

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In the past two years, due to out-of-stock and price increases and other factors, many manufacturers through domestic replacement to solve the problem of project shortage, domestic motor driver chip in voltage withstand voltage, current drive ability and anti-static, anti-surge reliability has a good performance, Topdiode TNSG4427 double low side, high current drive can be compatible to replace IR4427 chip.

IR4427 replacement chip Topdiode TNSG4427 package

ir4427 replacement chip Topdiode TNSG4427 package

IR4427 Replacement chip TNSG4427 features

■ 5-18V Wide operating voltage range

■ Input compatible with 3.3V, 5V logic working level

■ 3.5A/3.7A pull current capacity

ir4427 Replacement chip TNSG4427 features

TNSG4427 and IR4427 chips are packaged in SOP-8. Pin 1 and pin 8 of the chip are normally open pins in the chip and do not work. A channel consists of 2 input pins and 7 output pins, and pin 3 is the ground pin of the chip. The 6 pin of the chip is the power supply pin of the chip, and the two channels are composed of 4 input pins and 5 output pins.

TNSG4427 and IR4427 chips are packaged in SOP-8

TNSG4427 is a low-voltage, high-speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver chip, with anti-lock CMOS technology, its pin function and performance and IR4427 chip is basically the same, ID1127 can be compatible to replace ir4427. It is widely used in PFC controller, pulse transformer driver, DC DC converter, any complementary drive converter and other fields.

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