AOTF20B65M1 Alpha Omega Semiconductor Inc

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General Description

The AOT20S60L & AOB20S60L & AOTF20S60L & AOTF20S60 have been fabricated using the advanced αMOSTM high voltage process that is designed to deliver high levels of performance and robustness in switching applications. By providing low RDS(on), Qg and EOSS along with guaranteed avalanche capability these parts can be adopted quickly into new and existing offline power supply designs.

Product Summary

VDS @ Tj,max 700V
RDS(ON),max 0.199Ω
Qg,typ 20nC
Eoss @ 400V 4.9µJ

100% UIS Tested

100% Rg Tested


IGBT 650V 60A 45W Through Hole TO-220

Trans IGBT Chip N-CH 650V 40A 45000mW 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220F Tube

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